Our Products

Hypalon™, CSM, is very resistant to weather, ozone, water and aging. Fabrics coated with Hypalon are used for protective clothing, roofing, dock seals, automotive bellows and other industrial applications. Also, easily colored, they are widely used for inflatable boats and white water rafts.

We offer more than 30 standard Hypalon coated fabrics, in addition, some references are offered in a multitude of colors.

Hypalon fabric (Polyester or Nylon) &  Neoprene
1000gr (30oz) to 1650gr (50oz)
inflatable boats

Hypalon fabric (Polyester or Nomex)
250gr (7oz) to 650gr (19oz)
protective clothing

Hypalon fabric (Kevlar)
500gr (15oz) to 600gr (18oz)  
fire resistant apparel

Hypalon fabric (Nylon)
950gr (28oz)

Hypalon fabric (Glass)
330gr (10oz) to 900gr (27oz)
thermal insulation, air ducts

 We also offer various Hypalon fabrics for bellows, gangways and other industrial applications.


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